The Film

At a tiny refugee shelter in Tapachula, Mexico we meet Nelly and her daughter Joseline, who like millions of others, are fleeing extreme gang violence in Central America. With unprecedented intimacy, we enter their world and witness the daily battles of asylum seekers on the run: making the best of each day, meeting new friends and living in a constant state of fear. With their sights set on the U.S., mother and daughter cover the length of Mexico, facing immigration officials and taking selfies along the way – only to arrive in Tijuana where the US border suddenly becomes a dark reality.


Director Jessica Chermayeff & Joshua Bennett
Producers: Maro Chermayeff, Jeff Dupre, Joshua Bennett, Jessica Chermayeff
Editor: David Hoon, Ana Veselic
Director of Photography: Thorsten Thielow
Sound: Richard Fleming

Field Producer and 2nd Camera: Nicole Antonia Salazar